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Thank you for visiting our web site and your interest in our products.
Flexible Materials is a manufacturing company, primarily serving industrial accounts world wide. Our marketing organization is not geared to direct sales to individuals.

We do however want to help you find what you need. There are a couple of ways to approach purchasing products that we manufacture. You may purchase our products, (or similar products) from any of several mail order catalog companies. You may also purchase materials from one of our many nationwide distributors.

While most of our distributors are equipped to sell to "small to medium" manufacturing companies they will generally sell to individuals. Some do have minimum order quantities.

I have listed the most well known catalog companies with their toll free phone numbers below. If the names are underlined, they also have a web site, and you may click on the name to visit their site.  If you inquire about Flexwood ® or Woodtrim ® , I'm sure they will be able to help you.

Name Link Phone Number
Capital City Lumber
www.capitalcitylumber.com 800 244 6492
www.constantines.com 800 443 9667
Custom Service Hardware
www.cshardware.com 800 882 0009
Homecraft Veneer
www.homecraftveneer.com 800 796 6348
Outwater Industries
www.outwater.com 800 631 8375
www.rockler.com 800 279 4441
888 598 3633
Woodcraft Supply
www.woodcraft.com 800 225 1153
Woodworkers Supply
www.woodworker.com 800 645 9292

If you would rather contact one of our wholesale distributors, please respond with your city and state, so we can refer you to the one closest to you.

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