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Flexwood ® is the original flexible wood veneer sheet. Since its development in 1929, Flexwood ® has set the standard by which other veneers are measured. YES, it's real wood! Select wood veneers are permanently bonded under heat and pressure to a resin saturated backer sheet. This backer allows flexibility and acts as a barrier to prevent adhesives and finishes from penetrating. Flexwood ® is book matched and sheet matched. Sequence matching and other types of matches are available by quotation.

Backers : Flexwood ® is available with a variety of different backers, including 10 mil, 20 mil, and 30 mil. Flexwood ® is stocked with a 10 mil backer , the product of choice for most fabricators.

Sizes : Flexwood ® is stocked in 2' x 8', 4' x 8', 4' x 10', and 4' x 12' sheets. Cut-to-size sheets are available by quotation.

Special Treatments : Flexwood ® is available with pressure sensitive adhesive applied on sheets up to 4' in width. Most standard finishing systems will work with Flexwood, no special finishes are required.

Flexwood ® 10mil Backed

  Items Stocked in 2' x 8', 4' x 8'
  +Anigre, Figured Quartered
  +Ash, White Flat Cut
  Birch, Red Rotary
  +Birch, White Rotary
  +Cherry, Flat Cut
  Mahogany, African Ribbon
  +Mahogany, Honduras Flat Cut
  +Maple, Flat Cut
  Maple, Birdseye, Heavy Eye
  Maple, Birdseye, Medium Eye
  +Oak, Red Flat Cut
  Oak, Red Rift
  +Oak, White Flat Cut
  Oak, White Rift
  Pine, Knotty
  Pine, Plain
  Rosewood, South American
  Teak, Flat Cut
  +Walnut, Flat Cut
   +Items Stocked in 4' x 10'

  Items Available in Two Weeks
  Ash, White Quartered
  Beech, European
  Birch, Unselect
  Cherry, Quartered
  Mahogany, African Flat Cut
  Oak, Red Quartered
  Oak, White Quartered
  Oak, White Rift Premium
  Teak, Figured Flat Cut
  Teak, Quartered
  Walnut, Quartered

Many other species availabe by quotation of price and leadtime.
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